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** I will include an extra polymer 30 round or 42 round mag with any in stock AR-15 rifle purchase ** 

----While supplies last------  

$$$ See "in stock" or "AR rifles" pages for SALE prices on some AR-15 Rifles.  $$$  

I will include a free 50rd box of Gemtech subsonic 22LR with any brand 22LR firearms suppressor purchased.

----While supplies last------

Looking for gun lasers in Triadelphia?  Let me know what you need.

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Specials on accessories, guns and ammunition

Torrey Pines T12 Thermal sights

T12 Thermal image sight system

T12M (30hz  30+meters)-- $699   

T12N (9hz 60+ meters) -- $599   

T12V (9hz 150+ meters) -- $799   

T12W (30hz 100+ meters) --$899   

Contact for current prices as ones above are minimum advertised prices.

6 million volt stun baton

Stun baton- 6 million volt

6 million volt rechargeable Stunbaton -- $48 in stock   

Some other stun guns are also available in stock

ZAP stun knuckles

ZAP stun knuckles

ZAP stun knuckles 950K volts, carry holster included- $35 in stock

Coonan 357 pistols


I now sell Coonan pistols. 

Contact me to see what I have or to place an order.  

Takes me about 4 weeks to get these pistols in when special ordered.   

Contact me to order one now

Belly band holster

Belly Band holster

Belly band -Medium 28"-34" waist -- $15 in stock    

Belly band - Large 36"- 44" -- $15 in stock

DPMS AR tool

DPMS AR tool

DPMS AR tool -- $34 in stock

Tri-rail scope


NcStar 3-9x42 scope (P4 sniper reticles) 3 rail system -- $95 sold 

NcStar 4x32 scope (P4 sniper reticles) 3 rail system -- $75  in stock   

NcStar 2-7x32 scope (P4 sniper reticles) 3 rail system -- $95  sold

Bedside holster

Bedside holster

Holster-mate bedside handgun concealment -- $14 in stock

Slyde 250 lumens light

Slyde flashlight

Nebo Slyde (250 lumens) flashlight and worklight -- $20 in stock again

Seven-Z nebo flashlight

Seven-Z 770 lumens

Nebo Seven-Z 770 lumens flashlight -- $45 more on order  

Very Bright & Better quality than Shawdowhawk   

Great gifts for family or friends

DJI Mavic Pro

DJI smart drones

I am setup as a DJI smart GPS assisted drone dealer.   

Some in stock now   

See drone page for more information

More on Drones
Magpul AR magazines

AR magazines

Magpul 30 round AR-15 .223 magazines -- in stock    

ProMag 30 round AR-15 5.56 mags --  a few in stock    

Promag 42 round AR-15 5.56 mags --  a few in stock     

Hexmag 30 round AR-15 5.56 mags --  in stock      

See AR rifle page for prices

sling mount

Sling attachment

AR-15 Sling ambidextrous side swivel for collapsible stock -- $12 in stock

Buck Rush assist open knife

Buck Rush - assist open knife

Buck Knife Rush assist open -- $59 sold

SOG auto open knife

Switchblade knives

I have a few styles of switchblade (auto open) knives.  Some are OTF and others side open type.  Prices from $25 and up.

They are legal in WV.

Auto open knives

Pistol light

Protec HP190 pistol light

Protech HP190 weapon light w/ 190 lumens and strobe function-- $43 in stock

AR handguard


NcStar Carbine quadrail handguard MAR4S -- $59 in stock 

NEW NcStar midlength quadrail handguard -- $69 in stock 

NcStar Rifle length quadrail handguard MAR4L -- $79 in stock

Off set rail


NcStar 45 degree off set rail for AR rifles & more -- $11 in stock

Rifle laser

NcStar green laser

 NcStar rifle mounted green laser with pressure switch -- $79 in stock   

NcStar rifle mounted blue laser with pressure switch -- $100 in stock   

NcStar quick release rail mounted blue laser -- $100 can order

Green pistol laser


NcStar quick release rail mount green laser -- $69 in stock

Red dot sight

NcStar DP red dot

DP red dot sight weaver mount -- $12 in stock

DP red dot aluminium version -- $23 in stock

Rubber coated scopes

NcStar rubber coated rifle scope

NcStar Rubber coated Tactical 3-9x42 scope w/ illumintated red/green reticles, AR 15 handle or flat top mount -- $95 some in stock    

NcStar Rubber coated Tactical 4x30 scope w/ illumintated red/green reticles, AR 15 handle or flat top mount -- $65 some in stock

AR handle Scope

AR handle scope

NcStar Tactical 3-9x42 scope w/ illumintated red reticles, AR 15 handle mount or scope rings -- $75 in stock

Compact scope

Compact tactical scope

NcStar 4x30 tactical compact scope with rings -- $39 in stock

AR single point sling

Single point sling pink

NcStar single point AR-15 bungee sling    (Pink or Black) -- $14 in stock

AR carry handle

AR carry handle

NcStar detachable AR-15 carry handle -- $55 in stock

AR Tool


NcStar AR 15 Armor's Wrench/Tool -- $23 in stock   

DPMS AR 15 Armor's Wrench Tool -- $34 in stock

Ncstar Pistol sight tool

Ncstar universal sight tool

This tool will allow easy install and remove of pistol sights.  

Universal Sight tool -- $35 in stock

Ncstar Armorer's Kit

Ncstar Armorer's Kit

This kit includes 8 steel punches, 5 brass punches, pliers, hammer, screwdriver with multiple tips, jewelry size screwdriver set, safety glasses and other items.  

Armorer's kit -- $59 in stock 

Ruger 10/22 mags

Ruger BX-25 10/22 magzine

These 22LR mags fit 10/22 and american rim-fire rifles as well as other firearms.

Twin pack 25 rd magazine-- $45 in stock

Vism AR flip up front & rear sight


Vism front & rear flip up sight -- $50 in stock

Froglube Paste

Froglube 4oz paste

Froglube paste 4oz (clean, lube, protect) - $13 in stock

Recommended lube for many silencers

Magpul 27 rd Glock 9mm magazine


Magpul 27 round magazine for Glock 9mm pistols-- $19 in stock