Knives and related items

This page contains several types of knives including assist open and automatic open knives.  Auto open are often referred to as switchblade knives.  

Be sure these are legal for you to own and carry where you live or travel.  Assisted open knives are legal nearly everywhere.

Auto open knives are legal to own and carry in West Virginia.

If you don't see what you are looking for -- let me check to see if I can get it for you.

I can get auto open Benchmade, Schrade, Boker, SOG, Microtech and more.

Auto open knife dealers can be difficult to find. Contact us for auto open knives in Wheeling WV area.

I have some Benchmade auto knives in stock.

You can email me at:

Knife deals (most in stock)

Buck knives

Buck Knives logo

I have access to a wide selection of Buck Knives if I don't have what you want in stock.  

Gerber knives

Gerber knives logo

I have access to many Gerber Knives and have some in stock. 

Throwing Knives

Throwing knives

Hibben Gen 2 3.75" blades -- $35 

Hibben Cord grip 4 1/8" blades -- $45

Hibben Cloak 3.25" blades -- $35

SOG  throwing knives -- $35 

Buck Rush

Buck Rush

Buck Rush assist open -- $55 sold

can order more

Gerber Truss

Gerber Truss

Gerber Truss partial serrated -- $22

Browning Black Label


Browning Black Label fixed 5" blade-- $45

Gerber Answers FAST

Gerber Answers FAST knife

Gerber Answers FAST 3.25" blade -- $60

Assisted open

Gerber FAST Draw

Gerber FAST Draw

Gerber FAST Draw -- $35

Assisted open

Gerber Guardian

Gerber Guardian

Gerber Guardian 3" blade -- $21

Assisted open

Gerber mini covert

Gerber Covert mini

Gerber Mini Covert FAST -- $55

Assisted open

Gerber Contrast

Gerber contrast

Gerber Contrast 3.25" blade-- $55

Assisted open

Buck Bantam


Buck Bantam 2.75" blade -- $14

Buck Bones

Buck Bones black

Buck Bones black 3" blade -- $30

S&W M&P Tactical

S&W M&P Tactical

S&W M&P Tactical 3.5" blade -- $55

Assisted open

Kershaw Blur


Kershaw Blur 3.25" blade -- $75

Assisted open

United Cutlery Tailwind

United Cutlery Tailwind

United Cutlery Tailwind -- $35

Assisted open

Benchmade auto knives

Stimulus Mini auto


Benchmade Stimulus mini black plain-- $199 in stocK

Stimulus mini auto

Benchmade Stimulus satin plain

Stimulus mini auto plain satin blade -- $199 in stock

Stimulus Mini auto

Benchmade Stimulus mini black part serrated

Benchmade Stimulus mini part serrated-- $199

(Satin or black blade) in stock

Mini Stryker auto

Benchmade Mini stryker auto

Mini Stryker auto -- $199  in stock

Casbah auto

Benchmade Casbah satin plain blade

Casbah auto satin plain blade -- $199 

CLA (compact lite auto)


Compact lite auto satin plain blade-- $199 

CLA (compact lite auto)


Compact lite auto green or black handle with black part serrated blade -- $199 

Out the front


OTF no brand double action knives -- $30 some in stock

SOG auto open knives

SOG auto open knives

SOG auto open knives -- $139 contact me to check availability

Schrade mini auto knives

Schrade mini auto knives

Schrade mini auto knives -- $30 

Several styles in stock

Boker Magnum auto

Boker magnum auto knife

Boker magnum auto knife -- $35

Some in stock and more available

S&W auto knife

S&W auto open

S&W auto open knife -- $25 in stock

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