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One day classes

This is the full instructor lead class(NRA Basic Pistol) and not the blended class. Meets WV pistol training requirements.  Classes enable you to apply for concealed carry permit.  I can not promise states other than WV will honor this training.  Check with your state to be sure of the requirements. I keep my classes small (around 10 people or less) so it is easy to get through the material and live fire portion.

Cost of class: $100

Total cost of class is $100.  I request a deposit of $50 upon signing up to reserve your spot in the class.  Thanks to everyone that appreciates the time I have involved in organizing and setting up my pistol classes.

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To check for class openings and to sign up email me or visit link below: 

If you need to search: Choose "NRA Basic Pistol course-Instructor led " and Triadelphia, WV zip code is "26059"

All are welcome

I welcome all responsible lawabiding individuals in my pistol classes.  I have women in nearly all of my classes.  All firearm experience levels are welcome.  Class consisits of basic knowledge, safety, and operation of pistols.

Class description

This concealed carry class includes the education and training needed to acquire a CCW (carry concealed weapon) permit for WV and most other states. Class includes the NRA pistol class. General laws and regulations will be discussed as well as safe firearm handling, firearm parts and operation, ammunition and its function, shooting fundamentals and an opportunity to develop them on the range. I also cover how to select, clean and store a firearm, and a review of various activities available to help participants develop and improve their shooting skills.         

The class consists of classroom education and some hands-on range training, discussing scenarios and how to handle them.  I normally do this class in one day (Sat. or Sun.).  The class can also be broke into multiple days, evenings and weekend times to fit your schedule if I have others interested in the same.    

$$$ Cost of the class is $100 when you bring your own pistol and at least 50 rounds of ammunition.  Cost is $115 for the class without your own pistol and ammunition due to current ammunition costs.   It is perfectly fine if you share a pistol with a friend or family member taking the class with you.    

Choose to not be a victim of crime!   

Please feel free to contact me with questions you may have.    This NRA pistol class in Triadelphia will satisfy training requirement for several states.

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Pay $50 deposit via credit card for concealed carry class