Firearms Transfers

Transfers to or from other FFL dealers.  

I will transfer firearms(for a fee) to or from another FFL dealer to enable transactions to occur across state lines.  

Please contact me about fees and ability to process the transfers before completing the purchase or bidding on a firearm (such as  

In most cases it would cost you less to purchase a new firearm from me than to purchase one online from a dealer or the Gunbroker site and pay shipping and transfer fees.


Layaway plans available also for some firearms.  

A deposit of 20% or more may be required down for a layaway.  Payments are required to be made at least every 4 weeks.  The entire amount must be received and the firearm paid off within 90 days of being ordered.   There will be a 10% charge added on to the total cost of the layaway every 30 days starting at the completion of the original 90 day layaway period if not paid off.   

Once the firearm is ordered the deposit is non-refundable.  

Until the firearm is ordered the price is subject to change and firearm availability.

Firearm Laws

Must be at least 18 years of age to purchase a Rifle, Shotgun, or ammunition for a rifle or shotgun

Must be at least 21 years of age to purchase any firearm that is not a rifle or shotgun and also any ammunition that is not for a rifle or shotgun

All firearms must be picked up in person by the purchaser whom is legally allowed to purchase and possess the firearm.  ATF form 4473 and FBI NICS check will be completed. 

A WV CCW permit may exempt you from NICS check.        

NFA/Class 3 firearms will also require a Form #4 to be completed and sent to the ATF with any additional paperwork.

BATFE website

The ATF site is a great resource for federal laws on firearm purchases and regulation of sales. Get information on laws regarding guns and ammunition.

WV Attorney General

West Virginia attorney general's website gives you information on WV laws and Concealed Pistol Permit requirements as well as a list of states that honor WV CCW permits.

NRA educaion

The NRA is the largest organization to support and organize firearm safety education and training. The NRA works hard to support our 2nd amendment right.