Short Barrel Rifles (SBR)

Any rifle with a barrel length of less than 16" is a SBR and falls under the NFA regulation and laws.  Firearms dealers are required to be licensed to deal in or manufacture these firearms.  I am able to manufacture or obtain a SBR for you.

This page contains some of the SBR firearms that I offer available.  

Contact me to discuss your interest in a short barreled rifle. Email me at

***I am still building this page.***


Spikes Tactical/ Piece of Mind Firearms

SBR AR-15 rifle 11.5" barrel magpul stock, rear sight, and front lower handle -- $1789

RRA / Piece of Mind Firearms SBR rifle

Rock River Arms/ Piece of Mind Firearms

SBR AR-15 rifle 10.5" barrel Flip up glow in dark sights, quad rail, delta stock, and rubber pistol grip -- 


Roni Glock pistol SBR

Micro Roni setup for a Glock pistol -- price begin at $249 

Glock pistol must be registered as SBR

Contact me to get what you need.

CMMG 10.4" 5.7 barrel for PS90

CMMG 10.4 " barrel for FN PS90 or P90 rifle.

CCMG 10.4" barrel for FN 5.7mm PS90 or P90 SBR configuration -- $275 in stock

SBR AR-15 uppers


Let me know how I can help you obtain what you need for your SBR AR-15 build.