Drone Flight Training

Don't just wing it.

Flight Training will enable you to be more comfortable and safer when flying your drone.  

This training is recommended if you are new to these advanced, but easy to fly drones.  

They really are safer and easier to fly than cheaper ones that lack the autonomous flight features.


I am FAA Drone Remote Pilot (Part 107) certified.

Paying for training from someone without this certification is not advised.

Drone flight training that I offer includes:       

How to setup the settings as well as explain what the advised settings should be.     

Go over recommended pre-flight check tips.     

Explain and demonstrate how advanced and easy the drone is to fly (Autonomous return to home, GPS stabilization and hover).      

Discuss and explain how and why 90% or more of crashes/collisions are the fault of the operator and can be easily avoided.     

Also explain battery charging tips and storage as well as safety.     

Answer any questions in relation to FAA rules and laws.         

Batteries will need to be 100% charged to demonstrate flight related items.  

**Weather is also a factor so we will need to plan for training.**

If you did not purchase the drone from me there will be a per hour charge for the training.

Contact me to discuss what training you need.

***Drone sales by appointment. Contact me for an appointment.***

I do not offer any armed drones at this time.  That is a joke or is it?      


Email Jason@wvdronesales.com