Matrice Industrial Grade Drones

I have a Matrice 100 to demonstrate for interested buyers.  

The demo drone is also available for sale to meet your immediate needs.   

I can most likely provide you with a custom built M100 drone to fit your needs in about 3 to 4 weeks time.

Matrice 100 Industrial grade drone      

Easy to fly with GPS assisted position accuracy   

Autonomous flight features   

Returns back to takeoff point if RC signal is lost or RTH button is pressed   

Live camera feed displayed during flight   

HDMI output on controller allows you to share live video and flight data on a monitor   

up to 3 mile range from controlling operator    

20 min flight time   

up to 50 mph flight speed

Some of the M100 available custom options:   

M100 can be setup with two batteries for an increased flight time (up to 40 min).   

Several camera options for 4k video or zoom ability for still photography, also thermal image cameras are an option.   

Can add obstacle avoidance system to increase safety and decrease damage to drone or structures.     

Second RC controller to operate camera can be linked.      

Contact me to discuss your needs to get the job done easier and possibly better with a drone.         

I am FAA Drone Remote Pilot (Part 107) certified.

Contact me to discuss your needs so I can help you find a Matrice platform, camera and features to help you get the job done.